Fukushima nuclear accident

We have been asked on numerous occasions if our products have been affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident. The accident occurred northerly on the eastern coastal region of Japan. The ocean along this coast line has been contaminated and all contaminants have been moving eastward toward the west coast of North America. Along with the ocean, the land in this region has also been affected. Every type of commercial water agriculture has been suspended in this region.

We harvest our raw material along the south western coastal region of Japan just across South Korea and along the south eastern coast line of China along the Yellow sea. These areas have not been affected by contaminants from the nuclear accident. Prior to all harvests, the waters have to be tested to make sure it is safe for the Marine Farmers, and, to make sure that the all raw materials used for food production are free from any and all contaminants. It is only when the waters are deemed safe that the harvest begins. The raw material is pulled from the ocean, dried, and then sent to our manufacturer to be processed.

Our patented water extraction process removes all plant material and yields a 99.9% pure product. Stringent tests are done to ensure that the final product is safe for human consumption and conforms to Asian and US regulations. It is then Kosher certified for its purity. The finished product is then packed in 25 kilo vats and shipped to our warehouse in California.

We state that our product is 98.8% and not 99.9% pure because not every company has a moisture controlled room. Once the vats are opened, the product could absorb as much as 1% moisture. We have attached a Certificate of Analysis for all who may be interested in the test specifications of our products.