Erectile Function ECE Vs. Viagra®

Nitric Oxide

As discussed earlier, Ecklonia Cava can rejuvenate the vascular endothelium. They produce the chemical nitric oxide (NO), that keeps the arterial walls relaxed and dilated. After a 6 -week study of ECE, flow mediated dilation and NO mediated dilation increased by 60% and 50%. In another study, coronary artery disease patients were given ECE for six weeks. Blood flow controlled by NO increased 50-60%. These results confirm that ECE can rejuvenate damaged endothelial cells to produce NO. This effect was further confirmed in a study on erectile dysfunction (see below). Interestingly, Viagra® works by increasing NO in the penile artery.

ECE v.Viagra®: 8-Week Clinical Trial

Scientists studied 31 men with erectile dysfunction for over six months. For eight weeks they compared ECE to Viagra®. They looked at orgasmic function, intercourse fulfillment, erectile function, and overall fulfillment. No side effects were reported with Ecklonia Cava Extract.

During the course of 8 weeks ECE & Viagra® scored:

ECE scored: Orgasmic Function: 87%

Erectile Function: 66%

Intercourse Satisfaction: 74%,

Overall Satisfaction: 62%

Viagra® scored: Orgasmic Function: 27%

Erectile Function: 66%

Intercourse Satisfaction: 44%,

Overall Satisfaction: 39%

In addition, scores on key questions (frequency of penetration and frequency of maintaining an erection after penetration), which directly indicate the ability to attain and maintain an erection adequate for sexual activity and penitration, were improved by 74% and 77%.

The results powerfully indicate that the long-term oral consumption of ECE drastically contributes to the normalization of the general vascular environment around the sexual organ. The mechanism of which is most likely due to neutralization of oxidative risk factors, thus improving peripheral blood circulation around muscles and nerves involved in sexual function as well as the penile artery.

Long-Term Improvement Possibilities

When taking all of ECE's benefits into consideration, long-term oral administration of ECE may contribute to long-term improvement in vascular health, including the penile artery.