Reduced Fat in Liver & Pancreas

A mouse study showed that ECE reversed fat deposition in liver and pancreas cells. in addition, this same study showed that ECE served to markedly inhibit inflammation in the pancreas. A recent Harvard (Joslin School of Diabetes) mouse study directly implicates excessive fat deposition in the mouse pancreas for turning on the inflammation pathway, resulting in full-blown type II diabetes and insulin insensitivity in the mice.

Aldose Reductase Inhibition

When blood sugar’s become elevated, the enzyme aldose reductase converts surplus glucose into the sugar alcohol sorbitol. Sorbitol can build in critical cells and cause damage. Recent research found that animals lacking in aldose reductase were protected from the retinal complications of diabetes. ECE compounds have been found to be potent aldose reductase inhibitors, which may be of benefit for patients with metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, or diabetes.