Product Name: Ecklonia Cava Powdered Extract
Item Code: HEXT-E-010
Botanical Name: Ecklonia Cava
Product Manufactured By: Marine Technology Corporation


This is a statement of fact to assure customers of MTC Inc., an original manufacturer of standardized botanical extracts, that no extracts have been produced using irradiation or Ethylene Oxide (ETO) treatments to control levels of microbes. MTC Inc. botanical extracts are produced using an extraction process that uses only purified water with temperatures between 70° and 90° Celsius (approx. 160°-180°F), for a time span of around three to six hours, depending on the botanical being used. The time and temperature involved in the extraction process is sufficient to naturally destroy virtually all microbes.

After the extract is formed, it is spray dried and tested for microbe levels. It is then packaged in air-tight, aseptic, double poly and Mylar bags that are placed inside durable cardboard drums before being shipped. To prevent reintroduction of microbes into the powdered extract during the spray dry and packaging process, the packing rooms are under controlled climatic conditions. The climate is controlled using positive air pressure that is processed through an ultra filtration micropore system.

Total aerobic plate counts are typically under 3000 cfu per gram and yeast and mould levels are typically under 100 cfu per gram. There is zero tolerance of pathogenic microbes such as E. Coli, Staph Aureus, Salmonella, and others. Extracts are finished and maintained at very low moisture levels, under 6%, which does not support the growth of microbes.

In addition to MTC’s powdered extracts not being irradiated after manufacture, no raw materials are knowingly used that have been irradiated, treated with ETO or have been harvested in contaminated waters. Due to the unique nature of MTC’s extraction process, there would be no reason for raw plant material to be irradiated since the extraction process includes high enough temperatures over sufficient time to kill microbes that may have been present in the raw materials.