ALGORAN-AA (Anti-aging)


ALGORAN-AA (Anti-aging) As we age, we become susceptible to many chronic conditions and die prematurely. Despite proven methods to forestall the aging process, healthier lifestyle choices and nutritional supplements have been used to stop the epidemic of many age related diseases. One of the primary contributors to aging and disease is chronic inflammation. Continuous low-level inflammation inflicts damage on everything from brain cells to heart cells, arterial walls to DNA. When the mechanisms of anti-aging begin to break down, the chances of diseases such as Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks, Depression and Alzheimer will greatly increase. All of these diseases have been linked to low level inflammation. Algoran-AA contains specific nutrients and herbs that reduce inflammation and help control excessive sugar levels: a precursor to chronic inflammation. Algoran-AA also addresses the glycation process by which excessive glucose levels bind to proteins creating nonfunctioning structures. This is especially damaging to the brain. Algoran-AA is designed to prevent glycation and contains specific nutrients that are required for neurotransmitter health. Combined with easily absorbed nutrients for repairing DNA and supporting mitochondrial function, Algoran-AA, works to eliminate inflammation in the brain and preserve youthful brain structures. Another factor that accelerates aging is stress. The normal function of the glandular system and every organ in the body is disrupted by stress. Algoran-AA goes straight to the cause of the damage and allows the body to maintain its set point of dealing with stress. With proper response and recuperation, the body doesn't become a slave to excessive stress hormone and its damaging effects. Algoran-AA is a common sense approach to protect you from age related disorders. It contains nutrients that are designed to slow and often reverse the degenerative process. By addressing chronic inflammation, glycation, glucose metabolism, mitochondrial function and stress, the body can slow down, even reverse the aging process and return to a natural state of health